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Downloads – “Pack it & Let’s Go!”

This page lists the items that you can download related to the T-Engine or the T-Kernel. This list is like a “work in progress”, so if you offer any downloads related to the T-Engine/ T-Kernel, please let us know so that we can add to this list. There are a few links to Korean sites in the list below – note that in most cases, the document title may be in Korean but the actual content is usually in Japanese.

Downloads related to the T-Engine/ T-Kernel are in the following categories:

  • Specifications
  • Kernel Source Code
  • T-Monitor Source Code
  • Sample Source Code
  • Applications
  • Middleware & Device Drivers
  • Development Tools
  • Materials for Members
  • Updates & Patches


The main site for all publicly released specifications is, of course, the T-Engine Forum’s website. The T-Engine Forum has made a large number of specifications available to the general public. These are available from the “Specifications” link on the website of the T-Engine Forum. The specifications are currently available in English and Japanese and cover all the main topics – hardware, T-Kernel, Micro T-Kernel, T-Monitor, T-Kernel/Standard Extension (TK/SE) and a number of issues related to the Ubiquitous ID.

Link: T-Engine Forum Specifications Page: English | Japanese | Korean

Kernel Source Code

It is mentioned all the time that the T-Kernel is available in source form. The official source code is available from the website of the T-Engine Forum. A free registration and acceptance of the accompanying license is required. Once you register, you will be emailed a user name and password that you need to use to access the source. There are separate registrations from the English and Japanese pages. Also, separate registrations are required for accessing the source code of the T-Kernel/Standard Extension and the Micro T-Kernel.

Link: T-Engine Forum Downloads Page: English | Japanese | Korean

T-Monitor Source Code

As such, the T-Engine Forum does not release the source code for the T-Monitor since it is considered to be very system-specific. However, if you would like to refer to a reference implementation of the T-Monitor, you can download the version by the SH/M32R T-Kernel team. They have prepared reference implementations of the T-Monitor for use with a number of compilers for processors from Renesas Electronics. The downloads are available from this site.

Link: SH/M32R T-Monitor Download Page: English | Japanese

Sample Source Code

The T-Engine Application Development Centre (TEADEC) in Singapore has created a number of small sample applications to demonstrate the use of the T-Kernel API. These can be accessed after a free registration from their website. Also, this website (TE@Onghu) also has some sample applications for the T-Engine.

Link: TEADEC Singapore: English


The SH/M32R T-Kernel website team prepared a wealth of information relating to the T-Engine as used on different controllers from Renesas. These applications were made available to TEDN and are available from this website. The applications include a command line utility and a sample application that demonstrates how to use the touch panel and the keys on the T-Engine. From the TE@Onghu website, you can download a file browser application for the SH7751 developed using WideStudio and provided to TE@Onghu by Shun-ichi Hirabayashi (note: this application has not yet been uploaded). Some of the sample code that was presented in the TRONWare magazines is available from TRONWeb’s technical articles. Some of these articles are available from the website of the T-Engine Forum.


  • SH/M32R Applications Page: English | Japanese
  • T-Engine Forum’s TRONWare Articles: Japanese | Korean (note: article title is in Korean but content is in Japanese)
  • TE@Onghu Website WideStudio Article/ Code: coming soon.

Middleware & Device Drivers

Not much middleware seems to be available in the free domain. But the guys over at the SH/M32R T-Engine Website have released device drivers and middleware for the Renesas T-Engines. This includes a number of drivers for the devices on the Renesas T-Engine boards as well as a TCP/IP stack for the T-Engine and micro T-Engine from Renesas.


Development Tools

Most developers might be using a code editor or some specific IDE. However, one of the leading free tools for the development of graphical applications on the T-Engine is WideStudio. This tool, designed by Shun-ichi Hirabayashi of Fujitsu, is hosted on its own website and the latest version can be obtained from there. Also, GNU toolsets for Renesas processors are available here.


Materials for Members

T-Engine Forum members have access to a number of other resources. This includes early access to source code for modules such as the micro T-Kernel and T-Java.

Link: T-Engine Forum members-only Website: English | Japanese

Updates and Patches

Personal Media Corporation (PMC) is one of the leading suppliers of T-Engine boards. Updates and patches relating to their T-Engine offerings are available to registered members by visiting their support website.

Link: PMC Support Site: English | Japanese


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